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十大外围app的同事 is a leading national Locum Tenens agency for 医生, 护士, 医生的助手, 牙医和crna.

十大外围app的同事 is a leading national Locum Tenens agency.


Is your facility in need of a locum? 选择“寻找员工”. Are you a healthcare professional looking for a job? Select the option that best describes you.


At 十大外围app的同事, we offer healthcare jobs for locum tenens 医生,医生, NPsPAs牙医CRNAs, and most travel healthcare professionals in all 50 states. Whether you are a seasoned healthcare professional or just starting in the locum tenens job market, 十大外围app的同事 has the locum tenens experience and resources to find you the perfect locum tenens job opportunity; quickly and efficiently.


本地人员配置 & 招聘经理

十大外围app的同事 is a leading national healthcare staffing company. 我们招募医生, 医师助理, 护士, 牙医, CRNAS, and healthcare professionals in a wide variety of specialties. 十大外围app的同事 can quickly find the right healthcare professional match in our vast database and place them in locum tenens jobs at hospitals, 实践, 全国范围内的组织. Let us help with your healthcare staffing needs.


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Locum Tenens Healthcare Success Stories

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Dr. Zainab年代., M.D. — The best agency I worked and still working with. The best consultant I worked and still work with. I am more than happy working with this agency. Connors Perkins is my consultant.

Lisa T., apn - 喜欢为十大外围app工作! My recruiter is awesome, always on top of things, pay is regular and on time, good jobs. 我没什么可抱怨的. I’m able to work close to home without being owned by a company.

Dr. 辛西娅·阿., D.O. — I have always enjoyed and hope to continue the working relationship I have with 十大外围app的同事. I really especially enjoy working with Anthony Grace who has always and continues to be very courteous, 专业,有爱心. He is indeed a great asset to your agency. Dr. Owens.

霍华德C.医疗保健专业人员- Absolutely the best experience I've had with a locum tenens company...He was immediately responsive to any request/need I would have, even if it was late at night on a weekend.

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We work with thousands of hospitals, 医疗实践, and healthcare organizations across the United States that need talented travel healthcare professionals for short and long-term locum tenens job engagements.

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Whether you’re just starting to explore your medical career options, or if you’re a tenured physician or advanced practitioner, working locums are needed now more than ever to fill staffing gaps due to medical provider and physician shortages nationwide. Barton works with thousands of healthcare organizations and facilities across the country who are offering competitive locum tenens salaries to talented candidates.

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2021 and 2022 Locum Hero 奖状

2022年的英雄博士. 莱昂纳多·阿隆索,加油

十大外围app的同事 is a very respected company with a long track record. You want to choose the right staffing company that’s been established and that has good support for you. They’re going to take care of your credentialing, present you and your CV to a facility, and make sure it’s the right fit.”



2021年英雄博士. 普拉娜·莫娜·康纳,马里兰州

“My passion is disaster response and humanitarianism, and locum tenens has afforded me the ability to be able to do that. I have had experiences through locums that I otherwise wouldn’t have, 我的整个生活方式, 我的整个生命, the essence of my professional work and much of my personal lifestyle just would not have happened if it wasn’t for the ability to work in locum tenens.”




The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) is an innovative agreement that’s designed to speed up the licensure process for 医生 who need or want to work in multiple states. The combined sigh of relief from locum 医生 across the country was palpable when the IMLC was implemented in 2014.

阅读更多关于IMLC的信息, its history and participating states, and take our IMLC资格测验!

The Barton Locum Tenens Experience

A Locum Tenens NP Shares How Working With Barton Shaped Her Career
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